4 Things That Can Turn Your Home into a Welcoming Vacation Rental

Posted by Steve Harmer on Friday, February 22nd, 2019 at 10:17am.

Canada Vacation Rental

Are you thinking about renting out your home?

Guest article written by Karen Weeks from www.elderwellness.net

Vacation rentals are becoming a lucrative investment these days. With more travelers looking for houses rather than crowded hotels, there’s no better time to get your home ready to rent. However, what are the best ways to prep your home and maximize your rental income potential? Here are a few things you may want to focus on when turning your home into a profitable vacation property.

Use Color to Set The Right Mood for Potential Renters

Whether your renters are traveling for business or leisure, they’re going to be looking for accommodations that help allow them to relax and have fun. That’s why you should be intentional with the paint colors you choose for your vacation rental, and the moods those colors inspire. Being mindful of the emotional energy of color can help you and potential renters get the most out of each space in your home. So, keep relaxing colors like lavender in bedrooms and more exciting shades for common areas like the dining room and kitchen. But don’t limit your color use to your home’s interior. Curb appeal matters just as much for rentals as it does sale properties. So, opt for a front door color that will really help your home pop.Where do people stay in Kelowna

Invest in Upgrades That Will Make a Real Difference

If you were selling your home, your realtor may suggest renovating the kitchen or bathroom to help increase your profits. When it comes to rental properties, however, the upgrades you should focus on are a little different. Think about the factors that would influence you to choose a vacation home and make your changes in those key areas. So, instead of overhauling your kitchen, replace a few essentials like the coffeemaker and use the rest of your upgrade funds to spruce up the bedrooms. Making over outdoor areas can also be a smart move for vacation rental property owners, and you can even do so on a budget. Make sure your guests have some spots to relax and take in the fresh air and you’re sure to net some five-star rental reviews.

Protect Your Property From Potentially Costly Damages

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Decorating and upgrading your home for vacation renters can be pretty fun, but one area where you need to be serious is security. That means making sure your property is fully secure when you are not around. One of the smartest security changes you can make is to install keyless locks on the doors to your home. Look for locks with keypads or smart locks to prevent guests from copying keys and gaining unauthorized access to your property. Renting your home through a local property management company is also a smart security move, and doing so can help with routine maintenance. Your property manager can also help with the rental process for your home, which can take a lot of stress out of owning and operating a rental property.

Anticipate Your Guest’s Needs to Keep Them Coming Back

Once you have the big steps like renovations and security out of the way, you may want to spend some time on those little touches that can really help guests enjoy their stay. One way you can “wow” your tenants is to provide information on local activities and attractions. For the Kamloops area, there are limitless possibilities for visitors to explore the outdoors, shop with local merchants, and get connected with local culture. Pick a few of your favorite local spots and snag some brochures or menus to keep in your rental for guests. Another small touch that really impresses guests is having travel-size toiletries available. This is also a great way for you to recycle hotel toiletries, or you can pick some supplies up before your guests arrive.

Converting a home into a vacation property can be a simple process, especially if you start with these smart steps. Keep your guests in mind with every preparation you make, really focus on creating an experience they will remember, and be excited to share with other people to maximize your vacation home’s potential.

Guest article written by Karen Weeks from www.elderwellness.net

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