Is your bank trying to upsell you?

Posted by Steve Harmer on Thursday, March 23rd, 2017 at 10:55am.

Kelowna BankHere's what you should – and shouldn’t – buy

by Rob Carrick -Personal Finance Columnist - The Globe and Mail

The downside of bank upselling is that customers get talked into buying junk products they don’t need.

According to the bank tellers pouring their hearts out to CBC in a series of recent reports, upselling is rampant because of pressure to meet sales targets. A customer’s best defence is to know which sales pitches are worth listening to, and which to shut down. To help promote more informed banking, the Personal Finance column presents this guide to bank products.

Buy this

Don’t buy that

Make sure you ask an expert

Where to find the highest rates

Here are four websites you can use to compare the rates banks offer you on things like savings accounts and guaranteed investment certificates.

1. Canadian High Interest Savings Bank Accounts

2. Cannex

3. RateHub

4. RateSupermarket

 As always ask an expert.

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