Smart Ways to Clean for a Healthier Home Before Moving In

Posted by Steve Harmer on Wednesday, November 14th, 2018 at 1:03pm.

Kamloops Home CleaningYou’ve bought the house — it’s all yours. However, something’s not quite right. When you walk in, there’s a funky odor, and you’ve noticed some gunk in the air filters. These are signs that all is not well, as a little bit of dirt can hide a lot of pollutants and allergens. That problem needs to be nipped in the bud with a deep cleaning before the movers show up with your furniture.

Before you bust out the mop and bucket, here are a few tips to make sure you do it right. In the end, you’ll have a home with pure air that’s healthy to live in.

Test for Radon

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Radon is a radioactive gas created by the decay of uranium in the natural environment, and it can easily enter your home without your knowledge. Exposure to radon has been linked to cancer, so get a test kit from your local home improvement store.

Dust Everywhere

Make dusting a priority, and do it with a microfiber towel, as they’re the most effective when it comes to cutting down on allergens. Keep a sturdy step-ladder handy so you can reach on top of cabinets, doors, and window frames without falling over. Also, don’t forget the ceiling fans and chandeliers — they are often the dirtiest parts of your room.

Vacuum and Mop

Why choose a RealtorThe dust has drifted down to the floor, and that’s no place for it to be. It’s time to get rid of it once and for all, along with all the pollutants lurking within. Although more commonly associated with carpets and rugs, a vacuum can also be used on hard surfaces like wood and linoleum. When you’re finished, use a wet mop to collect anything the vacuum may have missed.

Clean Out Vents

If you don’t spend time cleaning out those vents, the dust will undo all of your hard work while spreading allergens and pollutants all over the house. You’ll need to remove the covers with a screwdriver and scrub them before vacuuming, say the experts.

Control Moisture

This may not seem directly related to making the air clean, but it is. Seeps and drips from faucets and pipes create an environment where allergens thrive, so it’s important to stop that before it Clean your home togetherhappens. There are other big tasks to handle, such as caulking the interior and exterior of the home around windows and vents, according to the folks at Cigna.

Wash the Fabrics

Pillowcases, cushion covers, and drapes can hide a lot of germs along with some nasty odors. This is one of the easier tasks while you’re moving in because all you have to do is take those fabrics and throw them in the washing machine.

Scrub the Appliances

It’s a small matter of time before you begin filling the refrigerator with groceries and cooking dinner in the oven. However, there’s something even more important, and that’s the furnace. The filter, fan and blower assembly all need a thorough going over.

Hire a Professional

There’s an awful lot of work to do — do you think you can handle it? Don’t feel bad if you can’t, as you’ve got the rest of the moving process to watch over. A professional cleaner can help with some or all of the tasks, and you can find a qualified one in your area with an internet search.A clen house is a happy house

Install a Purifier

Now that the pollutants and allergens have been banished from your home, keep them out with an air purifier. They’ll also prevent irritation and odors from smoke, pollen, and pet dander, so it’s a worthwhile investment for many reasons. Do your research, though, as you have to choose between HEPA, PCO, and UV models.

Create a Routine

It’s astounding how quickly a home can become dirty again, not to mention filled with allergens and pollutants. Prevent that from happening with a regular cleaning schedule. Molly Maid for example have a page of tips to help you with your home cleaning schedule.

Now you can breathe easy, literally. Your home is virtually free of allergens and pollutants, so you can get started with the decorating. Now, where should you put that sofa?

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Guest article written for Kamloops Property For Sale by Suzie Wilson of Happier Home

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